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Dai Ko Myo - Dumo

Reiki Master

Programming Your DNA 

  1. Get some paints or thick markers and unlined blank paper to doodle on. Watch the How to Draw the Dai Ko Myo video

  2. Journal about what you notice as you play with the Dai Ko Myo paying special attention to your embodied experience. Journal about the symbol before you read about it or watch the Activation video.

  3. Watch the Activation video.

  4. Read in the section in the manual on the Dumo Dai Ko Myo.

  5. Listen to the Dai Ko Myo meditation (with headphones). 

How to Draw the Dumo

DUMO Activation of DNA

Dai Ko Myo Meditation

"It is this ability of DNA to weave light around itself that reveals its true hidden role within your body - to act as a superconductor whose sole purpose is to exponentially increase the frequency passing in and out of your body." - Richard Rudd

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