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Bonus Gift

Enjoy this free healing initiation 

  1. Watch the Attunement Preparation video.

  2. Listen to the Reiki Level 1 Attunement. 

  3. Read in the manual on Initiation and Attunement.

  4. Watch the Water Initiation video.

  5. Prepare your water altar, and begin your daily water meditations.

  6. Watch the Water Offering video.

  7. Journal entry: What do you notice immediately after the attunement? What is the water telling you each morning as you tune in?

Attunement Preparation

Listen with headphones. Before you listen to your attunement audio find a place to sit or lay comfortably, preferably in front of your altar or somewhere quiet and calm where you will not be disturbed. Plan to be in quiet meditation for some time after this attunement. Cleanse your space and body before you begin. Have a large glass of water ready to drink and your notebook near you to record any messages that come in through this initiation.  It is ideal if you can spend time in nature afterward.

Reiki Level 1 Attunement

Water Initiation

Water Offering

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