Reiki Two

Okuden Inner Teaching


  1. Watch the Manifestations video.

  2. Tune into something you would like to manifest.

  3. Practice the manifestation with the symbols. 

  4. Journal "If anything is possible, what would you manifest" What is your ideal timeline? What is the best possible outcome? 

  5. Using the insights gained from your journaling, use the Sending Reiki Activation audio below in a ceremony to send Reiki. As you are listening activate the symbols and send it to your destination. You may wish to have a photo, altar, crystal, your manifestation book, etc. with you during this activation. 

  6. You can listen to the Sending Reiki Activation audio anytime you want to use the symbols to send Reiki for a manifestation, to a person, an idea, etc.


Sending Reiki 2 ActivationBronwyn & Templestep
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