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15 Reasons to Fall in Love With Reiki

Reiki is an impressive healing art.

Not only is it effective to treat physical ailments, but its holistic benefits are also related to various areas of our lives.

Stimulating creativity, accelerating spiritual growth, and getting in tune with your inner wisdom are all parts of the Reiki journey. Read below to find out 15 benefits of Reiki and how it can transform your life.

1. Channel healing energy for family, friends, and community.

Alleviate pain, promote relaxation, and balance bodily energy with the power of your hands! Next time your friend has a headache or your child has an upset stomach, you will be able to use your own internal resources to help them out.

2. Increase intuitive, psychic, and energetic awareness.

Reiki enables you to slow down and look within. By practicing Reiki, you will develop a unique ability to connect with your inner truth and increase your sensitivity and awareness to the flow of energy.

3. Promote a deeper level of communication and connection through touch.

During a Reiki attunement, you open up different chakras, allowing you to channel life force energy for healing. Becoming attuned to this life force energy will help you develop a deeper connection and sensitivity through touch.

4. Enhance your ability to be in the present moment.

Reiki is a meditative medicine. It connects us to a force that is larger than ourselves and allows us to connect with our bodies. This will help you break free from your busy mind and connect to your inner light.

5. Strengthen and accelerate spiritual growth.

Reiki promotes deep relaxation and spiritual development. One of the uses of Reiki is to restore and balance the body, promoting health, well-being, and aliveness. This will align your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and psychic bodies and allow for exponential spiritual growth.

6. Assist personal health and aliveness through increased flow of energy in your body.

Reiki can treat or alleviate many dis-eases. It also enhances the healthy flow of energy in your body and restores balance. The Reiki energy goes where it is needed most and in the right amount, using the body's natural ability to heal. Experiencing this powerful, but subtle, energy force is sure to give you a vitality boost.

7. Pair Reiki with other healing therapies.

Because of its versatile nature and its use of virtually no equipment, Reiki is ideal to pair with other healing arts, like massage and acupuncture. If you already work in the health field, learning Reiki can elevate your current healing practice. I personally find immense benefits in pairing Reiki with Yoga. Reiki can also be used in conjunction with medical treatments for increased healing.

8. Anyone can become a Reiki healer.

Reiki is not attached to any belief system or religion. It does not require any specific abilities; it is based on a power that is innate to every human being: healing with the hands. No need to wait or study for long exams—you can tune into your Reiki energy today!

9. Channel Reiki for self-treatment.

Having access to the ability to heal with your hands makes self-healing very convenient. Beam Reiki on your eyes, head, jaw, throat, upper lungs, heart, liver and more! Treat everything from headaches to toothaches using your own healing powers.

10. Reiki can help you make positive changes in your life.

During Reiki attunements, you experience a cleansing process where outgrown mental and emotional patterns will come up for healing. Habits that no longer serve you will be cleared from your emotional and mental bodies, creating space for positive changes in your life that are aligned with your current needs.

11. Get in touch with your inner wisdom.

Reiki empowers you to practice deep tuning in, connecting you to your inner wisdom and inner healing. It enables you to slow down and listen to your body. Reiki reinforces the body’s natural ability to heal, reconnecting you to this innate resource that is sometimes difficult to access in our busy, fast-paced lives.

12. Reiki is forever.

While other healing arts require continuous training, Reiki training works in a completely different way. Once you are attuned to Reiki energy, you will stay attuned for the rest of your life. After the attunement process is complete, you are a conduit. You have been noticed, you have noticed, you will not be forgotten, you will not forget…Reiki becomes a part of you.

13. Boost and manifest creativity.

The process of learning Reiki opens up energetic pathways in your body, allowing energy to flow freely. This can help stimulate the full flow of creativity and imagination that is stored within you. You can also blast Reiki on bare canvases, blank pages, letters, clay, stone, or your computer, to manifest creativity. Next time you have writer’s block or you can’t seem to find an effective solution to a problem...try using Reiki!

14. Use Reiki for purification.

Spaces and objects also hold energies. Some rooms are filled with disharmonious energies that can leave you feeling uneasy. Learning Reiki gives you the ability to create more harmonious and positive spaces for you and your loved ones. You can beam Reiki in rooms to cleanse and purify the spaces around you. You can also use it to cleanse and purify crystals, or outside your house for protection (beam it or use the symbols).

Reiki & Crystals

15. The Power is in your hands.

The last benefit of learning and practicing Reiki is that there are no limits to its benefits and uses. Your imagination and innate wisdom will continuously uncover new ways Reiki can positively transform your life.

As you have seen, Reiki is a complex healing art. Welcome it into your life and see its limitless magic unfold.

How do you think learning Reiki could benefit your everyday life? Comment below, sharing your ideas!


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