A Simple & Complete Guide to How Reiki Training Works

Did you know that superpowers are real?

Actually, let me rephrase that.

Did you know that YOU have superpowers?

I’m not talking about flying or walking on water... I’m talking about something that is even better: the power to heal. Yes, within yourself, you have the power to heal.

Curious? You should be.

After reading this article, you will discover exactly how you can unleash your innate healing powers, all thanks to (you guessed it), Reiki!

I will cover the basic elements of Reiki training, which includes describing the different levels:

  • The Attunement

  • Reiki I

  • Reiki II

  • Reiki III

  • Reiki Master

What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki is a healing art technique from Japan where one’s hands are used to channel life-force energy for healing. Whether physical, spiritual, or emotional, learning this accessible energetic medicine has many positive benefits. Best of all? Anyone has the ability to practice Reiki.

The Attunement: Unleash Your Reiki Superpowers

In order to channel your ability to heal through Reiki, you must first go through a process called attunement.

During a Reiki attunement, Reiki energy is transferred from the teacher to the student through a hands-on experience.

The attunement opens up energetic pathways in your body (chakras) to allow a clearer and stronger flow for the Reiki energy. When you have opened these energetic pathways, you will have a direct connection to the life-force energy that is used for healing during a Reiki session.

Once the attunement process is completed, you will have the ability to channel Reiki forever. Reiki does not wear off over time, nor does it get weaker.

Things that may help you in preparation for an attunement:

• Eat a balanced diet

• Flush your system by drinking plenty of liquids and herbal teas

• Do a food and liquid cleanse for 21 days prior to your attunement

• Practice Reiki on yourself for 1 hour every day for 21 days

• Follow the first 5 of the 10 Buddhist precepts:

Do not kill. Do not steal. Do not misuse sex. Do not lie. Do not misuse intoxicants.

What to expect during and after your attunement

After harnessing your Reiki superpowers for the first time… what comes next? How will you feel? What will change?

After your Reiki attunement, you will experience a period of energetic realignment that will last at least 3 weeks. Allow yourself the space and the time for this realignment as you adjust to Reiki.

After your attunement, use Reiki as much as possible: do self-treatments every day, and treat others when the opportunity arises. Make sure you drink plenty of water during the 3-week clearing process and allow a lot of time for rest as you let Reiki energy sink in.

Sometimes, I recommend people abstain from sexual activity for 48 hours after an attunement. This is not from a moral place of right and wrong. It is based on the fact that, when we share energy with someone in such an intense way, we open ourselves up to receive some of each other's karmic impressions.

One of my teachers, Mandu, used to say,“They like mango pickle sauce and suddenly you like mango pickle sauce.” During a Reiki attunement, many of your old habits are cleared and space is created for a new and updated version of yourself to emerge. When we have sex with a person we have been regular with, they can transfer back to us “parts” of ourselves we have just cleared. We are most vulnerable to this during the first 48 hours after the attunement.

The Cleansing Process

Through your Reiki attunement, symbols are imprinted on your chakra and aura energy system. The changes your attunement will bring about are highly clarifying, but they may be disconcerting.

For about 6 months after the training, you may find that your outgrown mental and emotional patterns come up for healing. What is no longer serving you will be cleared from your emotional and mental bodies. These changes occur in a very individual way.

The Reiki energy is subtle and it is easy to distract ourselves with modern life. You can further anchor the experience of renewal that follows a Reiki attunement by taking some time to stop and consciously experience the cleansing process. Revisit any practices, habits, or beliefs that come up and no longer serve you in your current life.

Next? Start learning Reiki technique!

No superpower is mastered without training. After receiving your attunement, Reiki training will teach you systematic ways of practicing Reiki. You can receive training online or in person, from beginner all the way to master level. Receiving Reiki training will make you access new Reiki abilities, give you knowledge as to how to use Reiki to address specific pathologies, and will deepen your spiritual growth.

From using it with your loved ones to opening up a Reiki center, the ways in which you will decide to integrate Reiki into your life are your own!

The Degrees of Reiki

Reiki is systematized into 4 distinct levels or “degrees of Reiki.” The higher the degree, the more you can do with Reiki.


REIKI I: Connecting to Holy Energy on a Physical Level

The Japanese word for Reiki I is Shoden, which means Beginner Teachings. In this initial level, you will develop a solid knowledge of the basics of Reiki. You will learn how to beam— through touch or through the third eye—to people and objects that are in your physical presence.

You will also be initiated to Reiki symbols. Reiki symbols allow people to set a specific intention to Reiki energy. Activating them alters the way Reiki energy functions.

With healthier energy flowing in your body from this first attunement, all systems will be strengthened and fortified. Reiki will enhance your ability to be in the present moment.


Taking the time to nurture ourselves is often a step we skip too quickly. If we want to nurture others in a good way, let’s begin with ourselves.

A huge part of Reiki I is connecting to self-love. Self-care rituals are vital. Especially if you are already working as a healer, honoring your inner world with moments of slowing down is crucial.

Reiki I Self-Love Exercise

  1. Light a candle.

  2. Place a mirror in front of