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I first studied Reiki in India in 1998 where I lived for a year and a half deeply exploring the connection between consciousness, qi, and health. I apprenticed with Reiki Master, Dan Burge, and we traveled all over the Himalayas teaching Reiki Workshops and eventually opening a Reiki school together in Glastonbury, England. I have been teaching and practicing Reiki regularly in Berkeley and internationally since 1999 when I founded the Wu Wei School of Reiki and have such trained hundreds of students. This has blossomed into a vibrant Reiki community of thousands of practitioners and a supportive culture centered around this healing art.


My specialty is in contextualizing Reiki back into the Asian medical system from which it originated, bringing in a feminist perspective, and an integrated and embodied teaching pedagogy.

About Bronwyn Ayla, LAc

Reiki initiated in me a quest to discover everything on healing, bodies, Asian medicine, and wellbeing. I combined my passion for esoteric healing arts with a solid medical training and 2 decades of clinical practice.

I currently run a holistic medical arts practice in Berkeley, CA where I treat patients with a combination of acupuncture, herbalism, Reiki, Rosen Method, nutrition and movement arts. I’ve taught Shiatsu and Tuina as part of the faculty at the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley and have taught Reiki for the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy program.


I personally feel called to spread Reiki as it offers a diversion from a culture of consumerism.  Even outside of the pharmaceutical industry, people spend billions of dollars every year on nutraceuticals, herbs, and vitamins.  Reiki calls us to sit with the self and understand how to use our inner resources to heal.  

Inner medicine healing is wonderful to pursue as it resources our own living energy within and explores how we use it to respond to all things. It is a non-action that leads us back to balance and awareness. This is a radical concept against a backdrop of consumerism and cultural isolation.

Reiki is an art that demonstrates how the most subtle of methods can often be the most radical. This is the power of Wu Wei, or non-action. It is a meditative medicine that contrasts the business and chaos of our everyday lives with calmness, embodiment, and a slower pace.


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Reiki Training 2020

Comprehensive Reiki Intensive

4 Weekends and Online, June - November 2020
Reiki Initiation from Beginning to Master Level


Tap into your Inner Medicine and follow your calling to be a healer this year with Reiki. Whether you’re new to healing or are a professional looking to upgrade your skills, this 4-weekend intensive will guide you from beginner to master level.


Learn advanced healing techniques like:

Distance healing

Accelerated spiritual growth

Channeling vast amounts of healing energy

Auric healing

Passing on attunements

Chakra balancing

And much, much more.

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