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Tap Into Your Inner Medicine

Online Course

Reiki Training

This program is designed for you, the person ready to make a leap in your spiritual evolution and upgrade or begin a professional healing practice. No matter what phase you are in:

You are ready for an extraordinary shift in your own personal spiritual life and health and know professional support and a community of like-minded folk will make the difference.

You have never studied Reiki before but are curious about shifting your career, supplementing your income, or incorporating it into an already existing healing practice.

You are already practicing Reiki but would like additional support in launching your Reiki practice and gaining more tools and experience in working with your clients. You don’t have to do this alone.

You simply would like to connect to your self and your spiritual path with a clearer vibration.

Reiki Courses

Reiki One

Wu Wei

Water Way

Reiki Two

Okuden Inner Teaching

Reiki Three

Shinpiden Mystery Teaching

Reiki Four

Topics will vary around Asian medical theory, bodywork, acupressure, toning, essential oils, Reiki, yoga, aromatherapy, chakras, crystals, auras, tuning forks, meditation, pendulums, magic, business coaching, and more.  The teachings include traditional Usui Reiki and Japanese Reiki Techniques which are grounded in a background of functional medicine and extensive clinical experience.


We will also cover business strategies and help you create a plan for launching your practice.  Bronwyn will help you deepen your understanding of anatomy, the transformation of Qi, and specific ways to treat disharmonies in the body. More importantly, you will learn the skills necessary to hold people in their grief, their struggles, and their joy so that you can walk with them as a spiritual ally and midwife for their transformation.


Wu Wei School of Reiki

The Wu Wei School of Reiki provides a comprehensive training program designed to launch you into your community ready to teach, inspire, lead, and practice Reiki on a professional level. It will provide an opportunity of a lifetime to deepen your spiritual practice, transform your health, and give you the tools necessary to create a profound impact on the people around you.

It is customized for a select group of students who will grow together as a community as they commit to a process of deep transformation, spiritual unfoldment, and professional development. I know that, as a leader myself, my job is to create more leaders, rather than followers.

Philosophy of Radical Non-Action

What people are saying about the training

"Every time I am engaged in learning with Bronwyn, my whole being is informed and infused with a specific kind of awareness and affect. Soft and penetrating, holding and releasing, each time the abundance of what is offered becomes a cauldron where the alchemy of transformation takes effect. What Bronwyn embodies transmits both the possibility and the pathways to absorbing the nutrients of change into my own being. Feeling grateful for each opportunity to dive deep with Bronwyn and reemerge with a new, healthier, more robust container of being a unique personal expression in the world.



Berkeley, CA

About Bronwyn

I am a licensed primary care provider, acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, herbalist, and a Reiki, dance, and bodywork instructor. Trained in traditional healing practices from around the world my methodology integrates an advanced knowledge of human anatomy and physiological processes for optimizing vitality and unfolding the mind and body’s latent potential. I have been teaching Reiki since 1998.

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