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Bronwyn Michaelis

Bronwyn's Acupuncture, Reiki School, and Rosen Method 

My mission is to restore embodied wisdom, inspire nourishing interactions, and unleash our innate potential through the alchemy of hands-on healing, dance, herbs, and energy medicine. I offer the culmination of 20 years of in-depth medical study, the exploration of esoteric practices, profound mystical teachings, ongoing movement training, and solid clinical experience. 

From my Blog

Transforming and healing ourselves and our culture

Reiki Mandala

Blast Reiki Daily

Reiki can be used frequently throughout our day. Children love it as they benefit from a direct experience of relating to an embodied energy. It is a great antidote to the business of many of our everyday, modern lives. 

Harmonize wit Autumn

Spring Equinox Attunement

A healthy lifestyle includes living and acting in harmony with the seasons and the cycles of nature. Spring is upon us, and is presenting us with an amazing opportunity to replenish ourselves. The season itself represents the energy of fertility, newness and growth, as nature flourishes all around us. 

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3326 Dwight Way, Berkeley CA 94704 | info@reikiyoga.com510-859-4625
©2017 Bronwyn Ayla (Michaelis)

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