Comprehensive Reiki Intensive

Reiki Initiation from Beginning to Master Level
Training and Certification
with Bronwyn Ayla, L.Ac


What is Reiki

Reiki is a simple yet profound healing art, based on ancient healing wisdom which transcends time and culture. It promotes deep relaxation and spiritual unfoldment by restoring and balancing the body in a way that is integral to health, well-being and aliveness. Reiki brings balance to one’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and psychic bodies.


It is instinctual to put our hands on what hurts and common to observe children doing this when they are in pain.  Likewise, when a person has a headache they will often put their hands on their head in an effort to alleviate the pain.  For as long as we have been sentient beings we have used our hands to heal and hold each other.  Reiki systematizes this healing art into a format that enables a deepening of this innate ability and a methodology to share it with others. Our planet and society are in great need of this healing life force.

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I personally feel called to spread Reiki as it offers a diversion from a culture of consumerism.  Even outside of the pharmaceutical industry, people spend billions of dollars every year on nutraceuticals, herbs, and vitamins.  Reiki calls us to sit with the self and understand how to use our inner resources to heal.  

Inner medicine healing is wonderful to pursue as it resources our own living energy within and explores how we use it to respond to all things.   It is a non-action that leads us back to balance and awareness.  This is a radical concept against a backdrop of consumerism and cultural isolation.

Reiki is an art that demonstrates how the most subtle of methods can often be the most radical. This is the power of Wu Wei, or non-action.  It is a meditative medicine that contrasts the busyness and chaos of our everyday lives with calmness, embodiment, and a slower pace.


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I first studied Reiki in India in 1998 where I lived for a year and a half deeply exploring the connection between consciousness, qi, and health. I apprenticed with Reiki Master, Dan Burge, and we traveled all over the Himalayas teaching Reiki Workshops and eventually opening a Reiki school together in Glastonbury, England. I have been teaching and practicing Reiki regularly in Berkeley and internationally since 1999 when I founded the Wu Wei School of Reiki and have such trained hundreds of students. This has blossomed into a Reiki community of thousands of practitioners and a supportive culture centered around this healing art.


My specialty is in contextualizing Reiki back into the Asian medical system from which it originated.


Wu Wei School of Reiki

Reiki Training
Reiki Training

Wu Wei School of Reiki 2011 Training

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Reiki Training
Reiki Training
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Bronwyn Michaelis

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Reiki Sessions with Bronwyn Michaelis

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SF Bay Area Reiki Share
SF Bay Area Reiki Share

2015 SF Bay Area Reiki Share

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Womens' Health and Chinese Medicine
Womens' Health and Chinese Medicine

Women's Health and Chinese Medicine 2013

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Bronwyn Michaelis

About Bronwyn

Reiki initiated in me a quest to discover everything on healing, bodies, Asian medicine, and wellbeing. I combined my passion for esoteric healing arts with a solid medical training and 2 decades of clinical practice. I currently run a holistic medical arts practice in Berkeley, CA where I treat patients with a combination of acupuncture, herbalism, Reiki, Rosen Method, nutrition and movement arts. I’ve taught Shiatsu and Tuina as part of the faculty at the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley and have taught Reiki for the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy program.



Offering the Support that Students Need

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Is the culmination of my experience teaching and practicing Reiki. It contextualizes Reiki back into the Asian medical system where it originated. It includes colorful illustrations, charts, diagrams and clear explanations.


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Reiki Workshop


In this Online Course, I will be offering my most up-to-date comprehensive program of Reiki 1- Master Level with adjunct continuing education courses designed to launch you into your community ready to teach, inspire, lead, and practice Reiki on a professional level.

Bronwyn Michaelis


For organizers who wish to arrange special seminars, retreats or events this is a wonderful way to experience my work more deeply. I often include morning movement sessions during my Reiki retreats offering participants a unique way to embodiment that works symbiotically with the Reiki training. I am available to travel to your community to offer in depth training and retreats.

Reiki Sessions with Bronwyn


My Reiki practice is deeply steeped in a background of traditional Japanese medicine which brings a breadth of understanding of the physiology of Ki - or energy - in the body and how to recognize and treat specific conditions. I am also influenced by Hakomi, Rosen Method Bodywork, aromatherapy,  and Chinese medical theory. My clinical practice is based in Berkeley, CA. USA.


Past Events


"I cherish my experience of Reiki 1 - Shoden Beginning with Bronwyn. Leaving her studio after the class that weekend, I felt like I had light beams shooting out from my palms. I was immediately able to integrate this Reiki training into my personal life as well as my clinical work with patients doing Chinese medicine. Amazing class. Wonderful teacher."

Robyn Adcock
Emeryville, CA


From my Blog

Transforming and healing ourselves and our culture; Reiki impacts the world around us.


Reiki Prayer

Reiki is based on ancient healing wisdom that transcends time and culture.  It is instinctual to put our hands on what hurts. It is common to observe children doing this when they are in pain.


Reiki Mandala

Reiki can be used frequently throughout our day. Children love it as they benefit from a direct experience of relating to an embodied energy. It is a great antidote to the business of many of our everyday, modern lives. 


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